Astrid Lodheim

Female dwarf druid




The daughter of a successful Dwarf trader who made a small fortune leaving the Great Rift and Deep Realms, sharing his newfound love of the wider continent with his wife and daughter, Astrid (me). I was very fond of my parents but our travels left me caught between cultures with a mother who reluctantly left home and a father enamored of the wide world. As they aged, since I was born to them fairly late in their life, I took care of them as my father retired. My mother passed away first but left me with a respect of dwarf culture while father passed away shortly after leaving me a comfortable inheritance. Unsure of remaining in the Deep Realms I moved to a small farm out in the foothills, uninterested in marriage. But despite my love of the farm I feel a strong calling to further explore nature now that I am on my own to be part of the natural world.

I am like an eccentric, hippy Aunt of the Dwarves without much remaining family.

Astrid Lodheim

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